I’ve worked in the UX / UI / Usability / Media arena for a bunch of years. Here’s my stuff:

John Vaughan

Background & Roots & some of what makes me tick

  • Personal
  • Education
  • History / Timeline
  • Career


Credibility in the Profession

  • Case Studies
  • Showcase
  • Clickable Demosites
  • The Gallery

the Craft

Competence in the Field

  • Understanding
  • Our Roles
  • Tasks
  • Techniques


Mind and how I think

  • DesignThink
  • SocialMedia
  • Metaphors

the Archive

Old Stuff from the WayBack Machine  (Graduate Papers, Conferences, Software Solutions, Collateral)

  • Graduate Papers (The ITP)
  • Conferences
  • Solutions
  • Collateral (proposals)

In this section …

Here’s some background context about me: I believe that my family upbringing, education, and personal history are the basis for my career.


  • Intro and Overview
  • Family context
  • Education & Travel
  • Military influences
  • Timeline



  • Cover Letter
  • Professional Factoids
  • Tech Skills & Tools
  • Soft Skills
  • Upvotes (Recommendations)


  • Who, What, When, Where
  • Direct Links to Case Studies for every engagement
  • FAQ’s
  • How we can work together

This site is very much a work-in-progress, both in terms of the content that’s posted here and in terms of the structure and interrelationship of the materials and their sites. Please bear with me…


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